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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

Our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program serves both children and adult population.  The goal of our PRP is to assist and maintain clients who would have otherwise pose risks to the community.  We teach our clients life skills that help them to sustain in their own communities.  PRP services include counseling, education, crisis management, individual and group work, which targets the individual’s area of challenge.  These services are provided both in the community and within our facility at JA Healthcare Services. 


Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) works to assist individuals living with mental illness to reach a higher level of independence.  The PRP program assists participants with accessing and coordinating services and resources in their communities and works to ensure that each individual has access to the best possible treatment and care.

Our PRP services include, but not limited to:

  • Self-Care

    • Personal Hygiene

    • Cooking Meals

    • Managing Medications

    • General Health Care Promotion

    • Personal Safety

  • Social Skills

    • Interpersonal Skills

    • Stress and Anger Management

    • Communication

    • Socialization

    • House Keeping

  • Recreation

    • Independent Living and Community Living Training

    • Utilizing Community Resources

    • Transportation and Mobility Training

    • Personal Finance and Budgeting

    • Opportunities to Develop and Practice Employment and Leadership Skills

    • Acquainting Clients with their Local Community

To be eligible for our program you must satisfy all of the following requirements.

  • Referrer from treating Licensed Mental Health Professionals

  • Currently have active Maryland State Medicaid

  • Adult Clients must have Priority Population Diagnoses from a Licensed Mental Health Professional

  • Intake and Rehabilitation Assessment with national Pike staff (Parent or Legal Guardian must be present)

Referral Process

At JA Healthcare Services we accept referrals from parents, legal guardians, schools, Department of Social Services, Department of Juvenile Services, physicians, health facilities, Shelter Programs, Group Homes, Hospitals, and the Baltimore Child Abuse Center.

Clients are accepted into the OMHC after completion of the intake process.   Each prospective client will need to present the following:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Immunization Record

  • Physical Examination

  • Medical Assistance Card

  • School Records

  • Prior Mental Health History

  • Proof of Guardianship

  • Social Security Card

Let us know of any questions we can help with

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