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HealthCare Services, LLC

Expertise & Experience 


ABOUT jacob

I have extensive experience in providing consulting services in the delivery of Behavior Healthcare , including the areas of Compliance, Accreditation and Practice Management.  I have Masters degrees in both Social Sciences and Human Resource Management.

The processes that I use are time tested, effective and efficient and are designed to direct you in meeting and exceeding the goals of your organization. 

JA HealthCARE Services


JA Healthcare Services, LLC provides comprehensive services to achieve the level of compliance needed to accommodate state and local entities as well as regulatory authorities such as COMAR, JCAHO and CARF. 


We apply strict, accurate and effective standards of implementation for Mental Health (OMHC), Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs (PRP) and Substance Abuse Programs.

  • Full Accreditation

  • Ongoing Support

  • Financial Systems & Auditing

  • Policies & Proceedures

Practice Management
  • Develop and Implement a Quality Improvement Plan.

  • Develop and implement  effective methodologies.

  • Develop, organize and implement an overall integrated and effective practice management strategy involving all aspects of the practice.

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